Radio Report: House approves Rep. Stephanie Barnard’s bill aimed at accelerating clean nuclear energy development

A Pasco Republican’s legislation to expand clean energy manufacturing and create new family-wage jobs wins overwhelming support from the House of Representatives. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: Representative Stephanie Barnard said on the House floor that her bill would extend a property tax exemption incentive for development of new clean energy manufacturing that adds new job opportunities.

BARNARD: “This is great legislation. It helps our communities to provide economic development and it also matches our state goals of doubling our manufacturing, and also our clean energy goals for the state.”

SCOTT: Barnard said the legislation reaffirms Washington state’s dedication to expand clean nuclear energy, specifically targeting the challenges faced by nuclear manufacturing facilities.

BARNARD: “This will provide new jobs – about 550 new jobs overall – and this is just for my community not to mention how this will help our economy throughout the entire state and make us a leader in clean energy manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest.”

SCOTT: With its approval by the full House with a vote of 94 to 1, Barnard’s bill now progresses to the Senate for further consideration

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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