Tri-Cities economic boost: Rep. Stephanie Barnard’s bill advancing clean nuclear energy and manufacturing advances in Olympia

Rep. Stephanie Barnard’s bill, aimed at accelerating clean nuclear energy development and fostering economic opportunities in the Tri-Cities and surrounding counties, has reached a significant milestone after being unanimously approved by the House Finance Committee.

House Bill 2120 marks a significant step forward in Washington state’s commitment to fostering clean energy production and supporting economic growth in targeted urban areas. HB 2120 seeks to ensure access to targeted urban area (TUA) tax incentives for clean energy manufacturers, focusing on addressing challenges faced by nuclear manufacturing facilities.

Barnard, R-Pasco, emphasized the significance of this legislation in driving forward Washington state’s clean energy objectives, stating, “Washington state is committed to achieving world-class clean energy production. My bill seeks to attract new businesses in advanced nuclear fuels — supporting our state’s decarbonization initiatives.”

Building upon the foundation laid by the previously approved statute from 2022 (House Bill 1386), which provides property tax exemptions to manufacturers in TUAs meeting specified job targets, HB 2120 expands the scope of support for clean energy manufacturers. Specifically, the bill addresses the obstacles posed by extended reviews conducted by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, granting additional time for nuclear manufacturing facilities to fulfill the criteria required for tax preferences.

HB 2120 now heads to the House Rules Committee to schedule its deliberation on the House Floor.


Washington State House Republican Communications