Radio Report: Pasco lawmaker’s bill to streamline utility reporting gains unanimous House approval

A House Republican lawmaker gains bipartisan support on clean energy legislation. Kelley Payne reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

PAYNE: House Bill 1955 repeals the requirements of utilities spelled out in the state’s Clean Energy Transformation Act, which requires each utility to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity supplied to customers. Republican Representative Stephanie Barnard of Pasco says the state Climate Commitment Act includes a similar mandate.

BARNARD: “I appreciate the bipartisan work on this and just feel that it would simplify some of the regulations. We want to make things more simple rather than more burdensome.”

PAYNE: Barnard says mandatory reporting requirements under the Climate Commitment Act fulfill the public’s need for information on greenhouse gas emissions by electric utilities.

Kelley Payne, the state Capitol.


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